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No Subject


I have tried on several occasions to re-establish some form of
communication with you and ICANN.  You have committed to me your response
on several issues, but have ignored my requests and your commitments.

I ask again publicly for you to address, directly, the following questions:

- Why have you not responded to the formal request to you and the ICANN
board to re-evaluate the TLDA position as a gTLD DNSO Constituency?  You
committed to me an answer on this topic in the first week of June.

- Why have you ignored requests from Diebold Incorporated and other
corporations for clarification on the constituency position for corporations?

- Why have you not followed the ICANN Bylaws regarding DNSO constituency?

- Why has there been no recognition of existing new TLD registry interests

These are straight-forward questions.  I expect them to be answered, as you
have committed to do.

Gene Marsh

Gene Marsh
Senior Network Marketing Manager
Diebold Incorporated
"Building Global Services Capabilities"