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Re: Where I can get info on how many orgs have applied for this ncdnhc and been confirmed?

Yjpark and all,

  Well if your face is not in Don Heaths butt, you may be waiting quite awhile
for your answer to your application...

yjpark wrote:

> Dear who could give the answer to this,
> Could any of you out there let me know three things relate to ncdnhc
> application?
> First, the exact due date of this application process,
> as far as I know application will be available until the end of this month.
> If this is wrong, please let me have correct info on this.
> Second, the accumulated number of the organizations which have applied for
> so far
> and its filled-in forms.
> Third, KRNIC has already sent its application form earlier,
> which has not had any explicit admission answer yet.
> So, at this moment I am wondering whether this is the normal process with
> the ncdnhc or not.
> Those info will be very helpful to picture what's going on with this
> constituency.
> Thank you in advance.
> Regards,
> YJ Park
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