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Re: [ga] Agenda proposal

Jean-Michel and all,

  This may be YOUR agenda, but it surely isn't anyone else's at least
I haven't seen a VOTE by the GA on this being the agenda.

  Whatever happened to the VOTE of confidence on the current
standing of the pNC, which I suggested and others followed up
on? That should be the very FIRST order of business.

Jean-Michel Becar wrote:

> Dear all,
> As I can see the discussion is not really constructive at that time. So
> let's try to make things happen instead of trying to go back to the old
> situation, Do you remember? So now let's go to work.
> This is my proposal for the agenda of the DNSO GA in Santiago :
> 1- Constituencies updates
>   A) each constituencies could make a 10 minutes speech
>   B) Public comments on constituencies
>  2- Chairman's Working Groups updates
>    A) DG F
>    B) WG A
>    C) WG B
>    D) WG C
>    E) WG D
>    F) WG E
>    G) Public comments on working groups
> 3- Elections of the NC
>   When could be done? and how?
> On that point I think that if the GA decide if we can go for the elections
> at least for the recognized constituencies : ccTLD,     Commercial and
> Business entities, Registrars, Intellectual Property, ISP, they can process
> during the Santiago and thus start to have a partial elected NC, which I
> think it's better than a provisional NC.
> The gTLD and the non Commercial must try to make their best effort to come
> up with a solution to be recognized during this meeting. The gTLD must
> accept the fact to have only one representative and the non Comm must find a
> way to exist.
> 4- Non commercial constituencie update
> 5- Plan for the next months and future
>   According to John C. Lewis inputs:
>   A) DNSO Funding
>   B) Business plan & Financial report
>   C) Reltaionship of DNSO finances to the ICANN Board and operations
>   D) Actions to be taken for the next months
>       -- Nomination for the Borad : but we must wait for all constituencies
> NC representative.
>   E) Preparation of the LA meeting
> 6- Public general comments
> 7- Buffet or drink ---- Very important item
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