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Re: Coments about proposal of modifications/additions to origi nal drafts

Mark Perkins wrote:

> - snip -
> >The point is not to guarantee a higher weight to large companies, but to
> >avoid capture by non-existent companies. In principle, it is easier to
> >create small companies than large companies just for the purpose of voting.
> Here I agree - but we need to be careful about the weighting. For NCDNH this
> issue is large non commerical orgs (eg. Universities with >200 employees)
> outvoting small non commercial orgs. For the commercial DNH group it is a
> whole other arguement regarding size of market being served vs no of
> employees vs company value vs ??? (whatever the criteria used by ICANN)

  The problem here Mark is that most universities are NOT noncommercial
in fact.  Hence they do NOT strictly qualify as a noncommercial entity.  This
is not to say that the  NCDNHC cannot jury rig the membership requirements
to allow for universities to be part of the  NCDNHC however....  But in
reality, universities belong in another type of constituency, such as
a non-profit constituency perhaps...

  This also points up another problem with the ICANN's oversite, or lack
thereof of their own questionable "Constituency Model" for the DNSO...

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