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Re: [ga] Re: Non-commercial character and conflict of interest

Pisanty and all,

  Our thoughts [INEGroup], are that some specifics would need to be
outlined as to what constituted "undue interference with the discussions"
before such a consideration should be enacted.  Also it should be noted
that free and unfettered speach is an abridgment of the 1st amendment
rights in the US anyway, and in that the DNSO is a part of ICANN and ICANN
is a US non-profit company that right cannot be abridged unconditionally...
In addition, such an idea is an inconsiderate act of not allowing observers to
speak would be in direct conflict with the White Paper as well as
the MoU between ICANN and the NTIA as well.

Pisanty Baruch Alejandro-FQ wrote:

To all,

for the observer statuts I have no problem.

I would let a proviso stand
from the start, that speaking observers may or may not be allowed, and
that undue interference with the discussions may be a reason for lifting
both speakig and non-speaking observer status. Unreasonable behaviour in
terms of conflict of interest would also lead to this. Some thoughts?

Alejandro Pisanty

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