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Another odd application? - to:Re: Application form for NCDNHC

Eunjin and all,

  This application seems like another odd application for membership
in the NCDNHC as the application states that this entity is
NON-PROFIT on a legal status, and that the number of members
is listed as "14 Country" members.

  Could it be possible that this entity should be applying for membership
status in some other constituency, such as the Business constituency or
possibly a yet to be formed constituency such as a NON-PROFIT

Eunjin Seo wrote:


 A. Basic Information for Organization

 1. What is the name of your Organization?

 Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (APAN)

 2. Is the Organization a member of any other constituency in the Domain
 NameSupporting Organization of ICANN?


 3. What is the major domain name of the Organization?


 4. Does the Organization have a website and if so, would you provide
 the URL?


 B.Contact information for Representative of Organization

 1. What is your name and title with the Organization?

 Eunjin Seo
 A member of Secretariat

 2. How can other representatives reach you? (email, telephone, fax


 3. How is it that you have come to represent the Organization in this
 Constituency? (Please furnish appropriate indication that the
 Organization has authorized your participation, for
 example, vote of membership, vote of directors, action by officer(s) or
 consensus of members.)

 Based on my authority as a secretariat of the organization.

 4. Are there other representatives from your Organization who will be
 participating in this Constituency? Is so, who is authorized to vote on
 behalf of the Organization?


 C. Purpose of Organization:

 1. What are the Organization's primary activities?

 Research and development in advanced networking application and services
 in the Asia-Pacific region.

 2. What are the Organization's primary activities on the Internet?


 3. Please furnish a statement of how the Organization's purposes and
 activities conform to the NCDNHC Constituency's goals and membership
 requirements. This should be a narrative statement which specifically
 describes the Organization's purposes and activities and may include
 references to charter or by-law provisions.

 APAN includes among its interest to participate in assuring the
 stability of the domain system.

 D. Type of Organization:

 Please furnish information regarding your Organization's legal status
 -- is it incorporated (if so, in what jurisdiction) or unincorporated?
 If incorporated, doe it have a not-for-profit or non-commercial status?

 Non-profit international consortium

 E. Size of Organization:

 The NCDNHC will have two subgroups: one for Large and the other for Small
 Please indicate the category of membership or employee size. If the
 Organization has both members and employees, please answer both questions.

 1. Are you a membership organization? If so, does the Organization have
 under or over 1000 members? What type of individuals or entities are
 members of your Organization?

 14 country members.

 2. If you are a non-member organization, do you have under or over 200


 F. Conflict of Interest

 Note: Conflict of Interest may or may not be a bar to joining the NCDNHC.
 The hope is that by circulating information about our views, backgrounds,
 and possible conflicts of interests, others in the NCDNHC will have
 a better idea how to interpret and weigh the ideas that we put forward.

 1. For the Organization:

 Please furnish a brief statement concerning any possible conflict between
 the goals of the Constituency and the Organization's purposes,
 functions or activities.

 We have no conflict of interest.

 Has the Organization been involved in Internet governance before? Does it
 have any developed positions that you would like others to know about?
 If so, please describe  below or provide a URL.


 2. For the Representative:

 G. Is there anything else you would like to add?

 H. To submit this membership form, you must send the above information to

 In addition to being circulated on the NCDNHC list hosted by ISOC, this
 information will be made available on the NCDNHC website so that new
 organizations, as they join the Constituency can read and learn about
 existing members.


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