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Re: Another odd application? Part II to:Application & Information form for NCDNHC

Vany and all,

  I recognize the stated requirements to which you were so kind as to
restate here in your reply.  Thank you.  However both Japan and
Korea DO have non-commercial legal status's available for those
organizations that qualify under their law as non-commercial
entities.  Hence my post concerning these tow applications
in question still applies.

  In any event the DNSO is a US based organization hence US
law applies or supersedes in these instances....

  BTW, NASA is not longer a non-profit corporation legally, hence
it too would not meet the criterion to which you kindly provided here
as reference...

Vany Martinez wrote:

> Hi Jeff, and all:
> The following statement in the draft of NCDNHC entitles such organizations
> to belong
> to this constituency:
> "II. Membership Criteria
> The NCDNHC proposes that the following organizations shall be eligible for
> membership in the NCDNHC: a) organizations holding at least
> one domain name, b) and which are incorporated as a non-commercial entity
> (in countries that have such a provision in their commercial
> code), or if unincorporated or operating in a country without provisions
> for non-commercial incorporation, operate on a not-for-profit basis
> primarily for non-commercial purposes, and c) which are engaged in
> activities that are primarily non-commercial, including, e.g. political,
> educational, religious, charitable, scientific and artistic."
> In the statement "b" specifically clears that if in such country doesn't
> exists the "non-commercial" concept legally, then such
> organziation have to operate on a non-profit basis and its activities are
> primarily for non-commercial purposes.
> Which it means that an institue of science and technology or a research
> centre, meets
> conditions above to apply to NCDNHC.
> I think that even NASA (the one that put rockets in the space) can apply if
> they want, because
> though they have a .gov domain, their operations are non-profit and their
> activities
> are non-commercial.
> Cheers
> Vany
> :-)
> >  Eunjin and all,    And one submitted
> >  Again
> >this one appears to have the same problems that the application for
> >www.apan.net, that being one of this organization is claiming that
> >  This however does NOT
> >necessarly qualify it as NONCOMMERCIAL.   Again, could it be possible that
> >this entity should be applying for membership
> >status in some other constituency, such as the Business constituency or
> >possibly a yet to be formed constituency such as a NON-PROFIT
> >constituency? Eunjin Seo wrote:
> >----------------------------------------------------------
> > ----------------------------------------------------------  A. Basic
> >Information for Organization  1. What is the name of your Organization?
> >Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)  2. Is the
> >Organization a member of any other constituency in the Domain
> > NameSupporting Organization of ICANN?  No  3. What is the major domain
> >name of the Organization?  kaist.ac.kr  4. Does the Organization have a
> >website and if so, would you provide
> > the URL?  www.kaist.ac.kr  B.Contact information for Representative of
> >Organization  1. What is your name and title with the Organization?  Kilnam
> >Chon
> > Administrative Contact of kaist.ac.kr  2. How can other representatives
> >reach you? (email, telephone, fax
> > appreciated)  chon@cosmos.kaist.ac.kr  3. How is it that you have come to
> >represent the Organization in this
> > Constituency? (Please furnish appropriate indication that the
> > Organization has authorized your participation, for
> > example, vote of membership, vote of directors, action by officer(s) or
> > consensus of members.)  Based on my authority as administrative contact of
> >the organization.  4. Are there other representatives from your
> >Organization who will be
> > participating in this Constituency? Is so, who is authorized to vote on
> > behalf of the Organization?  None.  C. Purpose of Organization:  1. What
> >are the Organization's primary activities?  Education for the World,
> >Research for the Future
> >   2. What are the Organization's primary activities on the Internet?
> >Research and Education  3. Please furnish a statement of how the
> >Organization's purposes and
> > activities conform to the NCDNHC Constituency's goals and membership
> > requirements. This should be a narrative statement which specifically
> > describes the Organization's purposes and activities and may include
> > references to charter or by-law provisions.  KAIST includes among its
> >interest to participate in assuring the
> > stability of the domain system.  D. Type of Organization:  Please furnish
> >information regarding your Organization's legal status
> > -- is it incorporated (if so, in what jurisdiction) or unincorporated?
> > If incorporated, doe it have a not-for-profit or non-commercial status?
> >Non-profit education organization  E. Size of Organization:  The NCDNHC
> >will have two subgroups: one for Large and the other for Small
> > Organizations.
> > Please indicate the category of membership or employee size. If the
> > Organization has both members and employees, please answer both questions.
> > 1. Are you a membership organization? If so, does the Organization have
> > under or over 1000 members? What type of individuals or entities are
> > members of your Organization?  NA  2. If you are a non-member
> >organization, do you have under or over 200
> > employees?  over 200 employees  F. Conflict of Interest  Note: Conflict of
> >Interest may or may not be a bar to joining the NCDNHC.
> > The hope is that by circulating information about our views, backgrounds,
> > and possible conflicts of interests, others in the NCDNHC will have
> > a better idea how to interpret and weigh the ideas that we put forward.
> >1. For the Organization:  Please furnish a brief statement concerning any
> >possible conflict between
> > the goals of the Constituency and the Organization's purposes, functions or
> > activities.  We have no conflict of interest.  Has the Organization been
> >involved in Internet governance before? Does it
> > have any developed positions that you would like others to know about?
> >   below or provide a URL.  No  2. For the Representative:  G. Is there
> >anything else you would like to add?  H. To submit this membership form,
> >you must send the above information to
> > NCDNHC-Application@LYRIS.ISOC.ORG.  In addition to being circulated on the
> >NCDNHC list hosted by ISOC, this
> > information will be made available on the NCDNHC website so that new
> > organizations, as they join the Constituency can read and learn about
> > existing members.  END
> >
> >
> >
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Spokesman INEGroup (Over 95k members strong!)
CEO/DIR. Internet Network Eng/SR. Java/CORBA Development Eng.
Information Network Eng. Group. INEG. INC.
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