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Re: [ga] Agenda proposal - "Dcrock spons again"!!


  I must completely agree with William here.  It seems that "Dcrock"
has yet again decided to spin yet another false yarn....
Also see:  http://www.dnso.com/dcrock/

William X. Walsh wrote:

> Wednesday, July 28, 1999, 8:59:04 AM, Dave Crocker <dcrocker@brandenburg.com> wrote:
> >>Joop Teernstra wrote:
> >> > 88 members had the right to vote, of which 35 voted. Not a bad turnout. If
> > I noticed that Mikki Barry is a member of IDNO, as is the Domain Name
> > Rights Coalition.
> *sigh*  I'm sorry that I have to post this at all.  This person has
> been engaged in an effort to discredit and disrupt the IDNO process
> since its inception.  He is against the concept of an individuals
> constituency within the DNSO (and, like Kent, claimed that individuals
> should be represented within the GA, but now individuals who are not
> within Constituencies are being ignored on the working groups, showing
> clearly that such a constituency is indeed mandated).
> He has access to our membership, and has responded to them, so I know
> he has read them.  So he knows that our rules do not permit an
> organization to be a voting member.  The language is clear, only
> individuals.  An individual cannot get two votes by laying claim to
> two domain names, and a domain name can only be used to sponsor a
> single membership.
> > This is double-counting.
> No, Dave, it is not.  What this is is one more attempt by you to
> spread as much possible fud so as to surround the IDNO in your
> invented controversy.  It really is getting old, and anyone with any
> semblance of intelligence sees through it.
> > How many of the other IDNO members are counted similarly?
> No members were ever counted double.   Do I need to say it slowly for
> you?
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