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Re: Large and small organizations

Pisanty and all,

  Very good points Pisanty.  It might be a bit important to also insure
that in the early stages the NCDNHC concentrate on insuring that
it's members are truly non-commercial, which as has been pointed out
over the past couple of days, seems to be slipping a bit.  This sort of
miscue, would damage the creditability and legitimacy of the NCDNHC
in the short run and be very difficult to overcome in the long haul.

Pisanty Baruch Alejandro-FQ wrote:

> Hello,
> expertise is valuable and maybe not as widely distributed as one would
> wish. Geographical diversity is both. Geographical diversity is a
> political criterion, and one of the important ones in building legitimacy
> for this organization overall (NCDNHC, DNSO, ICANN, the whole gamut).
> As Kathy Kleiman correctly says, some of the upcoming issues (particularly
> Intellectual Propety ones) are liable to affect non-commercial
> organizations most (there's a bunch of reasons). We must arm ourselves
> with only three members in the NC which will act "against" possibly 18!
> The combination we will need will require the subject-matter expertise
> Kathy calls for AND a clear long-term, wide-horizon view of the impacts of
> decisions to be made, AND a lot of backbone to defend and talent to
> negotiate the non-commercial side of the Internet.
> I do not believe that waiving the geographical diversity criterion will do
> enough good. I'd rather have the experts working as aides to the
> councilpersons than waiving GD completely. Surely there is a way to
> balance this. To find out, why don't we make a speculative exercise of how
> the voting could turn out and see how bad it is with and without GD? This
> will actually be a sort of poll based on the applications we have already
> seen.
> Since actual names will have to be named in this exercise I will wait for
> reactions before starting.
> I am assuming of course that the NCDNHC *will* have a GD board of its own
> which means with at least five members, and a direct vote for the NC
> representatives (possibly with the proposed weighting and voting rules for
> large and small organizations, a conclusion which des not seem final at
> this point).
> Alejandro Pisanty
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