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Re: [IFWP] RE: Coincidence?

Ellen and all,

  Excellent comments and thoughts here Ellen!  Touché!   I would
add that it appears relatively evident that the ICANN "Outreach Program"
is without limbs to reach out with as it is hampered by lack of funding,
and what funding it did have it has squandered in bad decisions...
Most of those $$ have gone into the pockets of Joe Sims & company
of Jones &Day and Mike Roberts $18,000/month salary...

Ellen Rony wrote:

> Pete Farmer wrote:
> >For the record, of the 10 feedback comments to Mr. Cooper's op/ed piece, 6
> >are "on Jay's side," 2 are pro-Dyson, and 2 offer no opinion.  Of the 6 "on
> >Jay's side," 4 are formatted normally.
> >
> >Reality check, Jay.  Possibly you and Ellen pasted your replies, instead of
> >typing them directly?  Possibly the paste routines automatically inserted
> >linefeeds after a certain number of characters?
> >
> http://www.zdnet.com/zdnn/stories/comment/0,5859,2298770,00.html
> I don't ascribe any conspiracy theory here with the formatting of Jay's and
> my reply.  I tried three times to type in my response to the ZDNet piece
> using the online form for doing so.  Each attempt failed, so in frustration
> I finally sent my comments directly to Cooper and asked him to get them
> posted.  I was, frankly, disappointed that  my comments are so hard to read.
> I rarely contribute feedback comments because there's simply not enough
> time to do so while reading articles and emails, listening to Congressional
> hearings, monitoring ICANN's activities, maintaining my website, making a
> living and being a mom--but Cooper's article was so completely off track
> that I just had to respond.
> FWIW, I don't concur with Jay's theories about a biased press.   We have
> not bias but confusion. This evolution of the DNS is complicated,
> convoluted, and contentious, so it isn't easy to report on the activities
> of ICANN and the Department of Commerce in terms that the general
> readership can understand.   IMHO, only about a dozen reporters have a good
> grasp on the issues because they track this process full time and have been
> on the beat for several years.
> The business community has been very quiet through all this sturm und
> drang, and frankly, I question whether most people care.   I've seen little
> evidence that the preponderance of the Internet community is interested in
> how such decisions are made or who makes them so long as their individual
> needs for specific domain names are met.  So when ICANN speaks of global
> consensus, it is to laugh.  Most people from whom such highly touted
> consensus is supposedly derived don't even know the issues, the conundrums,
> the players and antagonists, the organizations, the structure, or the
> nuances in the meaning of the word "consensus". Among those of us who care,
> perhaps 2,500 people by my rough estimate, there certainly has been no
> consensus but rather divisiveness at every turn.
> I wish I could believe this process is now in a stage of course correction,
> but IMHO, it's not just Cooper's article but also ICANN that is completely
> off track.  People have asked why I am not participating on a working
> group.  I ask how can such work proceed when the membership structure is
> not yet in place.  Without building a solid foundation, the walls won't
> stand.
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