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Democrats and DOJ clueless, again! Where is ICANN and DOC/NTIA on this?


  More evidence that DOJ, DOC, FDA, FTC, ICANN, NTIA, ect, ect, are

FYI: http://www.cnnfn.com/news/technology/newsbytes/134154.html

 Headline: Democrats Eat Their Own On Net Pharmacy Issue


" Oversight and Investigations
   Subcommittee Democrats tore into their
   administration colleagues, accusing them of taking
   no action whatsoever in spite of overwhelming
   evidence of illegal pharmaceutical Websites
   promising everything from Viagra to home abortion

"One problem, FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection
 Director Jodie Bernstein said, is that agencies such
 as the FTC, FDA, US Customs and the Justice
 Department's Drug Enforcement Administration, are
 not clear in whose jurisdiction online pharmacy sales

"Ranking Democrat Ron Klink, D-Pa., ripped apart
 testimony from Deputy Associate Attorney General
Ivan Fong and FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and
Research Director Dr. Jane Woodcock, suggesting
that they were unprepared for the hearing.
Meanwhile, Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., barely
contained his disdain for the administration panelists,
suggesting that they have been essentially whistling
in the dark when it comes to rogue online
pharmacies delivering both legal and illegal drugs
without any patient evaluation."


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