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Blind overseeing the cluelss? AKA, DOC/NTIA overseeing the ICANN/NSI


  Headline: Bliley Targets All Domain Name Players - Update

Does DOJ and NTIA got it stuff together???

FYI: http://www.cnnfn.com/news/technology/newsbytes/134174.html


" House Commerce Committee
  Chairman Thomas Bliley, R-Va., yesterday launched
  an expanded investigation into the practices of the
  Commerce Department, the Justice Department, the
  Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
  Numbers (ICANN) and Network Solutions Inc."

"Bliley wants to get "a better sense of whether the
 Department of Commerce sufficiently thought through
 all of the problems that would arise in the transition
 process and whether they could have done a better
 job to address them early on," a Commerce
 Committee staffer told Newsbytes today."

"Bliley has sent
 a series of letters demanding to know more about the
 Commerce Department's management of the
 privatization process; ICANN's judgment in its
 dealings with registrars; Network Solutions'
 much-disputed ownership of the "WHOIS" database;
 and the Justice Department's potentially collusive
 conversations with ICANN attorney Joe Sims."


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