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Re: [ga] Tyranny and madness

Michael and all,

  ROFLMAO!  God this is funny, but sadly it has a ring of truth
in it as well....

Michael Sondow wrote:

> Javier SOLA wrote:
> >
> > Dennis,
> >
> > I would advice that you read the bylaws. The NC is mandated to elect the
> > Chair of the DNSO, not the ccTLDs.
> >
> > As you well try to deform, we have not *proposed* anybody as Chair of the
> > DNSO. Following the mandate of the ICANN bylaws, be have *elected* a Chair
> > for the meeting. If you have any complaints, please address them to ICANN,
> > asking them to change  the bylaws, instead of trying to destroy the work
> > that others have been doing organizing the Santiago meeting while you just
> > sat back. Your ambitions are not above the bylaws.
> This is the raving of a madman whose ambition has blinded him to
> reason and law, trying desperately to expiate his own sins on
> another. Unbalanced already by the imaginary authority he believes
> derives from his chairmanship of the fictitious organization he
> created to give himself credibility, undeserved power in the DNSO
> has deranged him.
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