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Re: [IFWP] European Commission to investigate NSI [Attention Mark Measday and Joe sims]

Jim and all,

  Very well rebuffed here Jim, and on target as well.  >;)

  As you may well know, one of the circumstances surrounding the
SIngapore ICANN conference (A fiasco BTW), was that ICANN's
reported dealings with the than EC of which Mr. Bangemann was
a member, before forced to resign as you accurately indicated
due to some "Questionable" activities that were reported in the
EU press, just days after the Singapore ICANN Conference.  We
[INEGroup] immediately followed that up with our own investigation
into the particulars of ICANN's GAC dealings with the than EC,
and found out some very interesting and damming information, some
of which I posted to this very list and CC'ed to the ICANN (Initial?)
Interim Board.  As only somewhat reported that ICANN (Initial? Interim
Board met privately with the Than EC regarding matters related
to the subject line of this thread as I understand it...

  I intend to hold on to this information should it become useful later
in dealings with the ICANN should they decide to get further out of control
as many now believe that they are...

Jim Dixon wrote:

> On Fri, 30 Jul 1999, Mark Measday wrote:
> > Odd, given your arguments, that, with the good advice Mr B received at the EC,
> > we do not see him at the helm of some more adventurous venture.
> Good advice?  From who?
> Mr Bangemann headed up DG XIII, the telecommunications directorate.  He was
> of course one of the 22 Commissioners forced to resign because of corruption
> and mismanagement at the European Commission.  He then went on to compound
> the scandal by accepting a position with Telefonica at a million dollars a
> year, give or take the odd hundred thousand.
> > Why would a man so much more in possession of the facts than most choose merely
> > to learn Spanish at such a high salary when he could have burst from his
> > straitjacket and reaped the rewards of entrepreneurial endeavour according to
> > your account below?
> Did someone claim that a position at the European Commission implied
> some sort of entrepreneurial skills?  Not me.  What I said was
> > The Internet's amazing and continuing growth has
> > shattered the complacency of telcos and governments alike.  What is a
> > commonplace is that by 2001 most telecoms traffic everywhere will be
> > data, not voice.  By 2005 voice will be a tiny fraction of the bandwidth
> > in use, and all of the equipment, practices, laws, and regulations
> > developed over the last century of voice telecommunications will be
> > obsolete and irrelevant.  No matter how hard the bureaucrats try to
> > stuff this huge and growing elephant into the straitjacket that they
> > developed for the mouse that they are used to, it just ain't gonna fit.
> There are many bureaucrats at the Commission trying to stuff the
> Internet into a straitjacket.  DG XIII, Mr Bangemann's lot, has
> specific responsibility for telecommunications and is largely staffed
> by people with a telco background.  They are the ones trying to do
> the stuffing.
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