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Re: [ga] Vote for WG-A Final Report

Any vote without a fully constituted DNSO is invalid.  There is no
non-commercial representation in this vote or the votes of any other
Working Groups.  I suggest that you table the voting until both the DNSO
and GA structure is in place.  Otherwise, you are putting the cart before
the horse and have absolutely no claim on any form of bottom up
coordination or DNS community consensus.


>Dear Council,
>You are requested to vote for the WG-A Final Report.
>Electorate list -- 18 persons
>       Europe () - Fay Howard fay@ripe.net  (ccTLDC)
>       Africa (.gh) - Nii Quaynor quaynor@ghana.com  (ccTLDC)
>       AsiaPac (.nu) - Bill Semich bill@mail.nic.nu  (ccTLDC)
>       NorthA (.us) - Jon Englund jenglund@itaa.org (Business)
>       Europe (.es) - Javier Sola javier@aui.es (Business)
>       NorthA (.us) - Theresa Swinehart Theresa.Swinehart@wcom.com (Business)
>       NorthA (.us) - Don Telage dont@netsol.com  (gTLDC)
>       NorthA (.us) - David R. Johnson djohnson@wilmer.com (gTLDC)
>       NorthA (.us) - Phil Sbarbaro psbar@hanson-molloy.com (gTLDC)
>       LatinAC (.ar) - Tony Harris harris@cabase.org.ar (ISPCPC)
>       AsiaPac (.jp) - Hirofumi Hotta h.hotta@hco.ntt.co.jp (ISPCPC)
>       Europe (.de) - Michael Schneider sastre@anwalt.de (ISPCPC)
>       Europe (.es) - Amadeu Abril i Abril amadeu@nominalia.com (Registrars)
>       AsiaPac (.jp) - Richard Lindsay richard@interq.ad.jp (Registrars)
>       NorthA (.us) - Ken Stubbs kstubbs@corenic.org (Registrars)
>       NorthA (.ca) - Jonathan Cohen drvcarrington@echelon.ca (IPC)
>       NorthA (.us) - Caroline Chicoine chicoinc@PeperMartin.com (IPC)
>       Europe (.be) - Ted Shapiro Ted_Shapiro@mpaa.org (IPC)
>DNSO Secretariat

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