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Re: [IFWP] Proposed by-law amendments

Mikki and all,

  One wonders, doesn't one Mikki?  It might be worthwile for you to
elaborate in your own words as to what your thoughts are here.
I know what mine and INEGroups are, in this respect....

Mikki Barry wrote:

> >The most objectionable proposal is the amendment to Section 2(f)
> >of Article VI-B of the Bylaws. This allows a vote of the ICANN
> >Board to remove duly elected Names Council members from office.
> >Even with a 3/4 majority requirement, I see no justification for
> >placing such power in the hands of the Board, at the expense of
> >the DNSO constituency. Constituencies can develop their own
> >methods for removing or disciplining errant NC members. There is
> >too much potential for discrimination and abuse in this
> >provision, which allows the ICANN Board on its own motion to
> >reach into a constituency and remove one of its elected members.
> What a marked contrast to the BWG and ORSC rules where board members could
> be removed.  Has this become blatently obvious yet as to what is actually
> going on?


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