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Re: Application of AIT

Randy and all,

  Randy,  I in essence agree with your evaluation here.  The concern
that will sooner or later crop up with any constituency is it's creditability
as a qualified constituency in a legal sense as in the sense of the
ICANN definition (Although I believe that this definition is flawed in several
distinct ways).  Given this concern, it should be of paramount importance
that every "Application" for membership in the NCDHNC should be
strictly NON-COMMERCIAL as you seem to indicate in your comments

  AIT in this case is not likely if as YJPark indicated in an earlier post
on this thread, he suggested it is comparable with MIT, although I believe
he meant academically.  If not than this comparison was a poor one for
AIT as MIT is certainly not NON-COMMERCIAL.

Randy Bush wrote:

khun pensri,

>> is ait not a major semi-commercial provider in thailand?
> As we see ourselves as an educational provider,
> could you please elaborate more on the word
> "semi-commercial provider" so that we agree on
> the term's definition.

first, i do not in any way mean this as an attack on you or ait.  as with
george's form for nyu, i am trying to use examples to explore the consensus
of how we define members.

as to the subject at hand, does ait serve non-academic users who pay money
for the service?

for the last years, here in the states, the original 'regional' academic
networks slowly became commercial networks as the market 'matured'.  at one
point, they served 100% university users.  then some commercial research
labs.  then some ...

hence my trying to understand ait's current role, where it might be on such
a progression, and what the consensus of the ncdnhc is.


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