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Trademark Exclusions

I believe that the only workable scheme for .com domains is to exclude ALL existing U.S. registered or pending registered tradmarks from use on other new proposed .xxx., not just the "top brands"  In terms of competing trademarks globally, the first trademark holder with .com gets it.  All others must take a tradename in the .us, .ph, etc. country codes, unless covered under international trademark association settlements.  Disallow generic .coms, which will be diluted to worthlessness anyway by adding more domains.
Personally, I think that the .anythings has outlived its usefulness.  The validity of the domains are trashed.  The validity of the various so-called "portals" are trashed as information sources by thousands of snake-charmers and by the Pay for position charade.  The whois is being trashed by NSI, and ICANN does not have a clear and guiding goal for its self-interested "leaders" who are more politically correct in Iran.
.Moving to a corporate identity structure is more appropriate.. You type a trademark, you get listings that can then be narrowed down by locality.  The existing domain structure will work with a ubiquitous whois by name, not domain.  Cross-references, sure, but lets not move toward a global RBOC model of a phonebook.
Finally, I support the position with regard to ownership of whois and registration information -- that it should be public domain, fed in to a central repository,  NSI's claim of ownership is base --they were adequately paid off with the $70 registration fees.