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Re: No General Assembly yet to assist us

Kathy and all,

  I believe that the IS a DNSO GA, is there not!  Didn't the pNC and
Generalisimo Sola declare the discuss@dnso.org (Now the ga@dnso.org)
as the GA?  Is this within the purview of the pNC?  I am not sure.  But
I believe that the GA none the less, are those that are on the ga@dnso.org
mailing list essentially make up the DNSO GA.

  If however you are refering to the ICANN "Membership", than yes I
agree with your comments entirely and have not idea what can in
reality, can be done here, other than to declare all of those that were
on the membership@icann.org mailing list as the ICANN "Membership".

KathrynKL@aol.com wrote:

> I agree that the General Assembly should be voting on something as important
> as an entirely new system of arbitration for deciding cybersquatting -- and
> the intellectual property community hopes -- and all sorts of other issues
> they would like to raise with a new private law created by the World
> Intellectual Property Organization.
> Further, the General Assembly is viewed as a support for non-commercial
> organizations and small businesses and individuals (those who will likely be
> the targets of these arbitrations).
> But there is as yet no General Assembly, and ICANN would like to adopt this
> cybersquatting policy as soon as posssible.
> Any proposals about what we can do?
> Kathryn Kleiman
> In a message dated 8/2/99 7:33:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> jwkckid1@ix.netcom.com writes:
> >
> >    I agree compleatly.  Not only is what you contend correct, but it
> >  seems to me that the GA should have a vote for final approval
> >  of any broad reaching and effecting policy such as this one as well.
> >  Anything less would be a complete disregard for the White Paper
> >  and the MOU as well...
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