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Re: [IFWP] European Commission to investigate NSI

Antony and all,

  And ICANN is behaving like a 400 lb flatulence producer.  It is in need
of a frontal lobotomy and a couple of gallons of malox, while the rest
of us need gas masks and several spray cans of air freshener...

  The Blind leading the clueless, blowing paint pealing farts all over the
Is the ICANN "Out of control"?  Yep!

Antony Van Couvering wrote:

> Oh please, some fat-trimming all around is indicated.
> NSI is a million-pound gorilla in need of liposuction, not to mention
> prozac.
> BUT ...  on the other side of the pond, someone certainly needs to look into
> the cozy little arrangements in Europe - now what exactly are the
> requirements to become a member of DENIC?? -- and not just with domain names
> either.  It takes time to break down entrenched telecom behavior (high
> access fees, indifferent to ghastly service).
> Go go DG IV.
> Antony
> >
> >Hi Werner,
> >
> >Glad to see you're still around
> >
> >[Irascible comment skimmed.]
> >
> >>But could you clarify *whom* the EC tries to protect by investigating
> >>NSI, in your opinion?
> >
> >You're asking the same question that I am!  Who in
> >Europe are they protecting when the domestic DNS markets
> >are so much more non-competitive, higher priced, delayed,
> >regulated there?  The net result is to drive customers
> >to use COM, NET, and ORG abroad.
> >
> >One would expect DG IV to be investigating the domestic
> >European registrars, introducing competition, and otherwise
> >eliminating the undesirable attributes so the DNS sales
> >opportunities don't get bled off.  But then again, the
> >frequent tactic in the past has generally been to "level
> >the playing field" by inflicting all the bureaucratic
> >and regulatory malaise on the rest of the world.
> >
> >
> >--tony
> >


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