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Re: The Updated "Enrolled Organizations List" of NCDNHC from 7.1. to 7.31.

Bill and all,

  Your points are well taken here bill, as they should be.  Pisanty's
comments also fail to deal directly with the issue of NON-PROFIT
entities that are not NON-COMMERCIAL as well, this would include
some universities as well as some ccTLD's.

J. William Semich (NIC JWS7) wrote:

> At 09:07 PM 8/3/99 -0600, you wrote:
> Hello;
> Dr. Pisantry said:
> >Hello!
> <snip>
> >Organizations of these types and others, which run ccTLDs too. Separate
> >representatives for NCDNHC and ccTLD constituencies, disclose possible
> >conflict of interest and that's it. COI arguments wait for specific
> >discussions or votes later on but if the organization is noncom it is in.
> >
> >What do you all think? Can we go on from here?
> I like your approach, but it does not appear to me that it deals with issue
> of excluding participants who also belong to other constituencies.
> Here is what I posted to this list several days ago:
> "Hello;
> Some time ago, I raised a problem with the NCDNHC proposed bylaws. The
> problem is the bylaws' proviso that membership in the Noncommercial Domain
> Name Holder's constituency of the DNSO should not be open to an
> organization or entity which is also a member of any other DNSO Constituency.
> I pointed out that such a proviso violates the ICANN Bylaws which
> *specifically* precluded this kind of provision - a provision of the bylaws
> explicitly states that membership in more than one constituency is allowed,
> even encouraged:
> (a)  Each Constituency shall self-organize, and shall determine its own
> criteria for participation, except that no individual or entity shall be
> excluded from participation in a Constituency merely because of
> participation in another Constituency..."
> I'd say this is pretty explicit, at least.'
> If we agree to your approach, would it mean that this concern of mine is no
> longer a problem?
> Regards,
> Bill Semich
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