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Re: response : ICANN at large board elections and who constitutes

Russ and all,

  Good point here Russ.  I couldn't agree more...

domainiac wrote:

> >I admit I am biased
> >in that I am a MAC member.
> The MAC did come up with a good document describing the various
> possibilities.  However, the MAC advisory board was chosen in secret and
> ICANN refuses to give specific details say how the members of the advisory
> was chosen, who was rejected and why, etc.  Therefore, the entire MAC
> process must be questioned and should probably be redone (or at least a new
> committee should be chosen in a reasonable fashion to build on the work that
> has already been done).  In addition, there have been participants chosen
> who obviously do not have the time to spend on these committees as they are
> involved in numerous ventures and activities in addition to ICANN.  These
> people were clearly chosen because of who they are rather than people truly
> interested in participating.  Often these "figurehead" participants do not
> respond at all to inquiries about issues.  For instance, when is the last
> time someone from ICANN (or one of these committee members) went through the
> questions at the ICANN Community Feedback page and answered questions from
> "regular" people?  I expect this is close to zero.  ICANN also refuses to
> supply even a list of the e-mail addresses of the members of the various
> committees that were chosen in their secret process.
> I don't care how good the work of the MAC committee was, I cannot see going
> along with any process that was developed under these conditions even if I
> agreed 100% with their findings.
> Russ Smith
> http://domainia.org


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