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Re: [IFWP] RE: Coincidence?

At 09:24 AM 8/5/99 , Nick Patience wrote:
>Thank you - and none taken that way Jay, I assure you. I see your point,
>but don't necessarily agree. OK, editors etc are the conduits through which
>the ICANN story must flow, and cortrect me if I'm wrong, you're saying
>they're not letting the story get out because they're part of a conspiracy
>to suppress the truth, whatever that may be in this case? Is that your
>point, or have I over simplified it?

Hi Nick,

Rather than fumble for explanations,
I'd rather just continue to describe
the symptoms -- the media is *not* 
telling the World what's going on
with ICANN.

So far, we have had several "explanations".
  -  Too confusing
  -  Timing
However, these seem more like excuses. 

You're in the business Nick, perhaps 
you can enlighten us?

Why hasn't Mikki's testimony, part
of the Congressional record, given
under oath and penalty of perjury,
not been covered in even *ONE*
press report???


Jay Fenello
President, Iperdome, Inc.    404-943-0524
What's your .per(sm)?   http://www.iperdome.com 

P.S.  I've changed the order of my cc:'s 
so that this posting will be part of the
permanent record at ICANN.  Frankly, it is
embarrassing that the establishment of one
of the most important organizations in our
collective history is fraught with charges
of corruption, and a blatant media black-
out.  It will be interesting to see how
historians cover this turbulent period.