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RE: [IFWP] Internet stability - ICANN Creditability

Ronda Hauben wrote:
> So the only way to argue for ICANN to exist is to threaten 
> that something
> worse will happen if it doesn't.
> That makes clear that ICANN is illegitimate.
> And those who argue that you can't complain about ICANN or you will
> only get something worse, show that they have no basis to 
> have anything to do with the Internet, certainly *not* take
> over control of its essential functions.

How did we go from the "argue for ICANN to exist" in the first sentence to
the "argue that you can't complain about ICANN" in the last sentence?
Of course we all can complain and try to make it better, but if we try to
eliminate it instead, let's be aware of the risk involved.