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Re: request to delay elections until September - Cart before horse???

Kilnam and all,

  I don't see how you can even be considering elections of Names Council
members or a interim board for that matter until you have the issue
of what constitutes a valid and legitimate NCDNHC member.  This will
require that you have the distinction of NON-PROFIT and NON-COMMERCIAL
ironed out and defined in detail.

  However I DO believe that you can determine that you have a GA of the
NCDNHC NOW, based on the members of this mailing list...  This might be
a good base starting point to address the other foundation issues I

Kilnam Chon wrote:

> ----- Forwarded message from Kilnam Chon <chon@cosmos.kaist.ac.kr> -----
> Kathryn and all,
> i agree with your idea in principle.  let me add a few more potential
> "improvements".
> let's make the term for one year(at least through ICANN November Meeting)
>    if icann agrees.
>         NCDNHC needs stable administration structure.  if we change the
>         administration structure including Names Council members immediately
>         after santiago meeting, we may face instability and discontinuity.
>         on the other hand, icann may ask ncdnhc to have another election
>         as soon as the revised charter is approved by icann this summer.
>         we'd better consult icann[mike robert, andrew mclaughlin,..].
>         [cctld constituency is dealing with a similar issue, and is contacting
>          icann now.]
> chon
> PS: will you announce the delay on the first election, which is supposed to
>     take place starting 8th, the day after tomorrow?  we could dealy by a
>     few days in time for santiago meeting!
> On Thu, Aug 05, 1999 at 01:02:23PM -0400, Kathryn KL wrote:
> > >
> > >  my question as i raised earlier is "what are the term of the names council
> > >  members to be elected in the next weeks?"  are we supposed to hold the
> > >  election again in the fall once NCDNHC's charter, which may be revised at
> > > the
> > >  santiago meeting, is approved finally by icann board?
> > >
> > >  we need to state the postion on this matter explicitly prior to the
> > election
> > >  to avoid any confuion.
> >
> > Dr. Chon:
> >
> > Did you ever get an answer to your excellent question?  If not, my apologies
> > for the delay.  It was my understanding that the current elections will elect
> > people to the Names Council to serve until the charter of the NCDNHC is
> > revised -- in approximately six months to one year.
> >
> > This idea, however, is still a proposal.  If you like it, we should write it
> > into the charter.  Otherwise people will think that they are elected for the
> > full term.
> >
> > To NCDNHC:  Do you like the shortened term for these first elections?  Should
> > be incorporate it into the charter?
> >
> > Kathryn Kleiman
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