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Re: [IFWP] The rough consensus in Berlin and ICANN's bylaws

Michael and all,

  An excellent question.  However I believe the answer is already
known.  That answer is that both of those MCI representatives
DID participate in the pNC meetings...   If that is so, another violation
of the Bylaws has taken place as well which of course was already
reported.  This would yet, again show that the current ICANN (Initial?)
Interim board has acted improperly as has the DNSO pNC.  Given
that both the ICANN (Initial?) Interim Board should at least stand
for a vote of confidence from the yet to be formed ICANN membership,
and the pNC should step down...

Michael Froomkin wrote:

> Did those two representatives participate in any pNC meetings, or did
> the resignation preclude that event?
> R.Gaetano@iaea.org wrote:
> [...]
> >
> > Incidentally, may I remind that there were also two persons elected
> > independently to the Name Council by two different Constituencies that
> > worked for the same organization, MCI.
> > One of the two has resigned.
> >
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