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From a Paper of Record


At 12:26 PM 8/10/99 , Jay Fenello wrote:
>At 12:03 PM 8/10/99 , an editor wrote:
>>Jay: I'd like to hear why you think this is an "untold story." Several news
>>outlets, including the New York Times have been covering every twist and
>>turn of this "civil war." What exactly are you getting at?
>I agree -- Jeri Clausing has been among one 
>of the best news outlets covering every 
>twist and turn in the DNS wars.
>All of this coverage, however, has been 
>written with a certain frame.  That ICANN
>has been formed to bring competition to
>the name space, and that NSI is fighting
>to hold on to their monopoly.
>That's like covering the trees in a forest,
>but never talking about the forest.
>The really important issues are those that
>transcend the NSI monopoly -- those that will
>remain after the NSI monopoly is devolved.
>In this case, we have two major issues.  
>What process will be used to make global
>decisions regarding the Internet, and what
>business models will be supported.
>ICANN has decided to implement a single
>uniform business model that involves the
>administration of "public" property.  That's
>a *huge* decision.  And it is being made 
>even before its decision making processes
>are formalized.  In other words, they've
>got the cart in front of the horse.
>Ira Magaziner told me personally that the
>establishment of Internet Governance is just
>like the birth of our nation.  He said I should
>study that history, because the issues are the
>same.  I totally agree with him.
>If the year was 1776, would your paper cover
>the declaration of independance as a tax
>dispute?  I would hope not, just as I hope
>that the XXXXXX will cover the entire story 
>surrounding the formation of ICANN, not 
>just the NSI/ICANN dispute.
>I hope this helps, and please feel free
>to call if you have any questions.


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