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Re: [IFWP] Berlin Archive fixed - About Time!

Ben and all,

  Ben, it sure took long enough.  the archive should have never been
broken in the first place.  Where is the quality control?  Where is this

vaunted ICANN leadership on technical issues?  Looks like it doesn't

edelman@law.harvard.edu wrote:

> Hello all,
> BCIS staff have fixed the broken link -- we apologize
> for the error.  I don't know how this happened, since
> we haven't touched the pages lately to the best of
> my knowledge, but hope everyone will continue to
> look for such mistakes on both the archived sites and
> on the upcoming Santiago content.  We will fix them
> as soon as we are made aware of the situation.
> I'm currently on vacation, so please send any problems
> or questions about BCIS archived content or the
> upcoming Santiago webcast to John Wilbanks at the
> Berkman Center (<wilbanks@law.harvard.edu>).
> Ben Edelman
> Berkman Center for Internet and Society


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