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Re: [IFWP] More hypocrisy from ICANN

jay and all,

  This was in part, a point that I tried to make in response to the .edu
thread regarding "EDUCAUSE" trying to get control of .EDU, and
the fact that they themselves are not a 4 year educational accredited
institution, yet wanting to enforce as part of their plan for the .EDU
name space that anyone registering a DN in the .EDU gTLD is.
What Hypocrisy!!!
 See for reference: http://chronicle.com/free/99/08/99081101t.htm

Jay Fenello wrote:

> More hypocrisy from ICANN . . .
> While ICANN continues to use every trick
> in the book in an attempt to wrestle control
> of .com for the "public good", they are now
> considering the transfer of another supposed
> "public" asset to Mike Roberts' namesake:
> Let's see if we can predict the future:
>    Educause gets .edu
>    IBM gets .ibm, MCI gets .mci
>    CORE gets .nom, .web, .com, .etc
>    . . .
> Jay.
> http://www.internetnews.com/bus-news/print/0,1089,3_181221,00.html
> Academics Propose Takeover of .edu Domain
> August 12, 1999
> Cyrus Afzali
> A consortium of academic and technology professionals is proposing to take
> over the administration of the top-level .edu domain, setting up a
> potential battle between educators and Network Solutions Inc.
> According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, EDUCAUSE wants to take over
> the .edu domain because it says some organizations that have applied for an
> .edu address do not qualify.
> More than a year ago, EDUCOM -- a predecessor to EDUCAUSE -- asked the
> National Science Foundation to grant it administration rights for the .edu
> domain. Since that time, Internet address responsibility has been passed to
> the U.S. Department of Commerce. That group is now working with The
> Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers to transfer the domain system
> from government control.
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