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Re: [IFWP] More hypocrisy from ICANN - Mike Roberts Should resign or be removed

Tony and all,

  You really don't believe that Mike Roberts has actually recused
himself from involvement do you?  I don't.  In fact, it is my GUESS
that he floated the idea, although he may have done it indirectly...

  To me the article (See : http://chronicle.com/free/99/08/99081101t.htm
in question and his involvement with EDUCAUSE
is reason enough to ask for his immediate resignation from the
ICANN (Initial?) Interim Board.

  I hope that congress and in particular the Commerce Committee looks
into this in some detail...

A.M. Rutkowski wrote:

> At 01:19 PM 8/12/99 , Jay Fenello wrote:
> The article is plainly wrong about NSI caring
> beyond transferring the trusteeship to the
> appropriate entity - which could be Educause.
> However, this is a TLD that includes a significant
> worldwide constituency, and is something that
> minimally deserves discussion in the appropriate
> open forums, and an attempt to see what organizations
> or companies might be willing to do the registrations.
> Has the DNSO discussed it?  Of course, as you note,
> Mike Roberts must recuse himself from any involvement.
> --tony


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