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Re: [IFWP] catch 22? - Not hardly

Jeff and all,

Planet Communications Computing Facility wrote:

> On Thu, 12 Aug 1999, Jeff Williams wrote:
> > Jeff and all,
> >
> > Planet Communications Computing Facility wrote:
> >
> > > No.  NSI's mandate is to keep their shareholders happy.  Investors always
> > > come first and it's investors who count when it comes to the bottom line.
> >
> >   Of course investors count.  But customers always come first.  Without
> > customers in NSI's business, there is no company, and therefore no investors.
> > This is a point that many folks miss or don't really understand well...
> Both are important - but your confusing finance and marketing.

  I don't believe I am.  I have been involved in both areas of endeavor
so I do speak with some experience and background here.   Marketing
is virtually worthless unless it is well financed, and those finances
are astutely used.  Hand in glove...

> The
> financial markets have a historic memory.  That means if network solutions
> let's down investors, the markets remember and network solutions get's
> blackballed into being a penny stock.

  This is an interesting scenario, but highly unlikely.  Markets also have a
long history and memory as well, especially from a large commercial

> Costomers (or more appropriately Consumers) on the other hand are like
> flys and have no historic memory of value.

  This may have once been true, but it isn't any more.  Consumers/Costomers
in the internet arena DO have a historic memory as we have seen over the past
4 years and most especially the past two.  The length of this memory may
be debatable, but that I believe is also changing as well, and will continue to
lengthen as time (Internet Time) progresses.

>  In some cases my opinion can
> be bested, but in the over all one can be confident the consumer will
> keep on shoping as long as they feel their getting value.

  Exactly right, but will they be buying?  And from whom?  Will that "Whom"
change rapidly?  This depends on how well new entries in different
segments of the market provide service.

>  If you intend
> to argue that they are not getting any value from NSI, then I suggest you
> instead educate the consumers on what their expectations should be.

  I am not saying that consumers/costumers are not getting value at all
from NSI, in fact the contrary.  I am saying that they are not getting
value from the ICANN "Accredited" Registrars.  Yes I do believe that
NSI has made some bad moves, such as backing off their "Payment
Methods", by requiring a credit card for registration of a DN, but this
can also change yet again as well.

> A consumer who is not educated on his/her option - is by default incapable
> of making a choice.

  Until recently the didn't have much of a choice, and to some extent
they really still don't in the DN arena.

> An educated consumer would also be of considerable value to NSI.   NSI has
> considerable value based on its position, regardless of how they arrived
> there.  And one of those values is consumer loyalty - or brand loyalty.


> NSI understands this and I anticipate that if you educate their consumers,
> NSI in turn will not only match - but I anticipate they would exceed
> consumer expectations.  It's simple marketing.  Give the customer a choice
> .. and your guranteed competition.  Great stuff.

  The problem is that the consumer/costomer doesn't really have a choice
in the DN arena, only a ruse, that is made to appear to be a choice.  Without
multiple REGISTRIES their is really no choice.

> > > As for ICANN .. well their a mixed bag of interests and conflicting
> > > mandates.  And it shows - no one is happy.  There's gotta be a way of
> > > putting the love back into ICANN.
> >
> >   LOL!  Well there is.  I would suggest three easy steps.
> >
> > 1.) Remove the current ICANN (Initial?) Interim board.
> Don't do that.  That would be a terrible waste of time.  It's hard to find
> good corporate directors.

  >;)  LOL!  Nice shot!  But it really isn't hard to find them.

> A board of directors is like a well trained animal act.  All you have to
> do is teach them new tricks.

  LOL!  I resent this remark!  No, not really.  But I understand where you are
coming from.  This bunch (ICANN) of Clueless Board members was very
bad choice of critters!  They are just not trainable!  And you know what happens
to horses that are not trainable, don't you?  >;)

> And to do that you can use the reward
> system, the punishment system or a combination of both.

  Yes Carrot and stick.  Problem is who is to provide either?  Right now it
is the NTIA, and they are either reluctant to do so for some reason that
is a mystery to me, or they are incapable of knowing when to apply
the stick firmly on the posterior of these (ICANN) board members...

> Regards
> Jeff Mason
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