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Re: [IFWP] Open and closed

At 09:48 AM 8/13/99 , Kerry  Miller wrote:
Why then has the issue been put on the Governmental Advisory
Committee agenda? Does the GAC originate "advice" for the BoD?
Is there a record of the BoD asking the GAC for this advice, against
the recommendations of "staff"?

The GAC is an autonomous intergovernmental body
and can do whatever it wishes.  The ICANN Board is obliged
to confer with the GAC prior to taking any significant
decisions, and the conversely the GAC can otherwise
compel the Board to consider any matter the GAC cares to

Furthermore, ICANN's Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
were written in such a fashion as to obligate ICANN's Board of
Directors to "...carry...out its activities in conformity
with relevant principles of international law and applicable
international conventions..." as "advised" by ICANN.

How does it feel to be under the boot of GAC?