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Re: [IFWP] Is the gTLD Workgroup outcome already decided by the CORE faction? And a criticism of the media.

Jonathan and all,

  You have your opinion and many of us have ours on the issues of
Esther Dysons prevailing behavior.  But the record is pretty clear
that though she is certainly not a "Spawn of the Devil" as you
characterize  this comment you are referring to, improperly, I might
add, she defiantly has a problem with honesty, and reality, as it relates
to the stakeholders and any form of reasonable process...  BTW, I
believe that she is well aware of this problem she has as well...  Hence
I have to agree with William's comment, in full, in this instance.

Jonathan Weinberg wrote:

>         I won't get into the "Esther is good / Esther is the spawn of the devil"
> debate.  A word, though, about her "overpriced newsletter":  Kevin Werbach,
> who writes the newsletter, is one of the smartest, most perceptive analysts
> of the Internet scene around.  If you think *he* doesn't know what he's
> talking about, you should reevaluate your views.  (I don't subscribe to
> Release 1.0; it's not priced so as to be affordable by ordinary mortals.
> But that 's another matter.)
> Jon
> Jon Weinberg
> weinberg@msen.com
> At 08:54 AM 8/12/99 -0400, domainiac wrote:
> >>Esther, I have little faith or trust in your assurances any more.
> >
> >Why would you have any faith in anything she says in the first place?  Dyson
> >is know-nothing and she regularly boasts to the press that it is not what
> >you know, but who you know.  Why do you think the lobbyist from IBM asked
> >her about the job in the first place?  Because they knew what they were
> >getting.  This didn't happen by accident.
> >
> >If you read some of Dysons writings (and her overpriced newsletter) it is
> >clear that she has no idea what she is talking about the vast majority of
> >the time.  She gets by sucking up to people and manipulating lazy reporters
> >to take her picture in the Lotus position.
> >
> >I can't see going along with anything ICANN does, even if I agreed 100%,
> >until people like Dyson and McLaughlin resign.
> >
> >Russ Smith
> >http://ICANNT.org
> >
> >


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