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[Fwd: Nominations - Alternates???]

Jeffrey A. Williams
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Raul and all,

  I believe that we already had a discussion regarding "Alternates"?
To suggest such at this juncture is obviously premature as to be in
compliance with the ICANN and DNSO Bylaws... (See NCDNHC
and ICANN Comments archives for further detail)

Raul Echeberria wrote:

> Dear Election Committee members :
> Please include Mr. Alejandro Pisanty as my alternate to run together this
> election.
> Below are our vita and statments.
> Raul Echeberria
> ===============
> 35 years old, Uruguayan.
> I am Especialist in Informatics and Communications. I have a degree
> in Informatics from University of the Republic, Uruguay and I am
> finishing my master degree in Information Technologies, in the
> Autonomous University of the South, Uruguay.
> I run as Telecommunications and Informatics Advisor in the
> Agropecuarian Research National Insititute, Uruguay and as
> Information Technology Consultan in several projects in public
> and privates organizations, generally with aid of international
> cooperation agencies (IDAB, UN, FAO, etc.)
> Since 1991 I am involved in the development of Internet in Uruguay
> participating actively in the growth of the Uruguyan Academic Network.
> Since 1998 I am Vice-President of the Internet Society of Uruguay,
> independent society that works in the promotion of Internet in Uruguay and
> its impact of this new technologies in our society.
> I have worked as Network Technology and Internet Workshops Coordinator
> since 1997 in the Latin American School of Networks of the Los Andes
> University, Merida, Venezuela.
> In 1998 and 1999 I have coordinated workshops in the "Workshops for
> Latin American and Caribean" organized by ISOC and ENRED together.
> Since November 1998 I am Alternate President of ENRED
> (Latin America Networks Forum) until november 2000.
> In this funtion, I have to work in the iteration with
> the organization of our training event, public relations affair
> and follow up of the Internet process of reforms in Internet.
> >From ENRED I have been participated in the creation process of
> LACNIC (regional organism for the administration of IP numbers)
> together with representants of organizations from other sectors
> of importance in Internet in Latin America.
> I have participated in activities of IFWP and since June 1999 I
> have been designated by ENRED board as representant in the NCDNHC.
> ENRED es an organization with a wider mission than the participation
> of the processes linked with ICANN, but in this moment we have
> assumed the responsibility of leadership the Non-Commercial sector
> of our region trying to generate national conscience in every
> country and regional, in ordeer to understand the importance
> of the participation of our region in the political processes
> linked to Internet, in order that our countries have more
> possibilities to find in Internet a Development Tool that
> contributes with the improvement of our life level.
> I am presenting myself as candidate to Names Council assuming
> the following compromises:
> To the Names Council and the ICANN:  To do the best efforts in order
> that Non-Commercial sector opinions be heard and that the Internet
> doesn't becomes in a tool exclusively to do bussiness, taking in count
> also our interests.
> To the NCDNHC:  To work for the the growth of this organization,
> improve its funtioning, to find formal solutions of the points of
> the chartes that doesn't have a consensus yet, encourage the participation
> of its members of all the activities and groups of work of ICANN, inform
> to the members about the events that happens in the Names Council.
> Raul.
> Alejandro Pisanty
> =================
> (Mexico City, 1953; Mexican citizen. Place of
> residence Mexico City). Educated at the National University of Mexico
> (UNAM), PhD in Chemistry 1984, postdoc experience in Max-Planck Institute
> for Solid-State Research, Stuttgart, Germany, 1984-1986.
> Experience. Professor. Head, Graduate Division, School of Chemistry.
> Secretary, Computing
> Advisory Committee. Coordinator, Distance Education Project. Director,
> Computing Academic Services (1997 to date). All this in UNAM.
> Chairman of the Board, ISOC Mexico. Chairman of the Board, CUDI (Internet
> 2, Corporacion Universitaria para el Desarrollo de Internet). Led effort
> to develop National Videoconferencing Network for Education in Mexico
> (115 classrooms at present).
> Statement. I believe that non-commercial speech and uses in the Internet
> are vital to the development of the Internet and for it to achieve maximal
> benefit to an ample population. Domain-name issues in particular have
> to protect the legitimate, legal use of the Internet for purposes of human
> and  social development independent of the commercial use of the Net
> (which are otherwise also legitimate and contribute to the developments).
> Many of the non-commercial uses of the Internet are particularly at risk
> in situations where they may confront well-funded business approaches.
> Pragmatic solutions will be required, within constraints of multi-national
> and multi-cultural decision frameworks where only very basic principles
> may be shared.
> The DNSO and ICANN must develop into strongly recognized, legitimate
> international bodies with a plurality of voices and an approach that
> combines transparency and democracy with expediency. I believe I can
> contribute a significant dose of effort, an imperfect knowledgeability I
> always try
> to improve on, honesty, a democratic, multicultural and principled point
> of view, and negotiation skills combined with some administrative
> experience.
> Alejandro Pisanty
> Raul Echeberria
> raul@inia.org.uy
> Foro Latinoamericano de Redes - ENRED
> http://www.enred.org
> Presidente Alterno
> ---------------------------------------------
> -    See you in the next ICANN Meeting
> -    Santiago de Chile, Chile
> -    August 24th to 26th.
> -    http://www.reuna.cl/icann
> --------------------------------------------
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Jeffrey A. Williams
Spokesman INEGroup (Over 95k members strong!)
CEO/DIR. Internet Network Eng/SR. Java/CORBA Development Eng.
Information Network Eng. Group. INEG. INC.
E-Mail jwkckid1@ix.netcom.com
Contact Number:  972-447-1894
Address: 5 East Kirkwood Blvd. Grapevine Texas 75208

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