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Re: [IFWP] Re: Esther Dyson on Media Bias - Again...

Esther and all,

  No Esther, you read again:
"Net was nowhere in the recent elections. (In the United States, at  least, political operatives are using the Net effectively for organizing; in the East, the Net is for academics and business people; the political establishment has not yet caught on.)"

 As I said in previous commentary response:

This comment is inaccurate in the extreme I would judge, given that Jesse
Ventura and the Jeb Bush in Florida used the net quite effectively in their
successful campaigns, as well as the 1996 national election there was
available in some states, the ability to vote online...

  In addition your quote Esther, is also of questionable accuracy as well...
And BTW, it is not "THEIR" Tool, it is "Everybody's" tool.  Or do you disagree
with Vinton Cref, "The internet is for everyone"?  Or possibly are you advocating
selective exclusivity of the Net???

Esther Dyson wrote:

No, quite the contrary.  Read again:

>Fundamentally, the Net is a better tool for grassroots organizing or
>> conspiracy than it is for far-reaching propaganda. It is a medium
>> wherein people can find each other and then communicate.

At 01:41 pm 08/20/1999 -0400, spotlight special wrote:
>Basically what Dyson is saying is that the net is becoming one terrific
>tool for propagandists and the elitists (of which she is one) want it to
>be, like all other media, THEIR tool.
>Tony Blizzard

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