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Re: [IFWP] IDNO letter

Bret and all,

Bret A. Fausett wrote:

> Esther Dyson wrote:
> >Second, I am more concerned that the voices and interests of individuals be
> >*represented* in the work of the DNSO, than with precisely how that happens.
> Another avenue for individual domain name holders to let their interests
> be known would have been through participation in the constituencies with
> which they are naturally allied. Individuals using their domain name for
> commercial purposes could participate in the Business and Commercial
> Constituency, individuals using the domain for non-commercial purposes
> could participate in the Non-Commercial Constituency, and individuals who
> have interests in the interface between their registered domain and
> trademark law could participate in the Intellectual Property Constituency.

  The problem with your suggestion in specific, is that the Non-Commercial
Constituency is not strictly non-commercial as I have been following that
list for some time now.  Hence the Individuals Domain name owners
will be overwhelmed by NON-PROFIT interests or members that are
very large institutions which are the majority of the current NonCom
members.  Of course this was anticipated in Berlin...

> The ICANN Board recognized the value of such of scheme in Singapore. In a
> Board resolution, it wrote: "Individual domain name holders should be
> able to participate in constituencies for which they qualify." (See,
> http://www.icann.org/dnso-formation.html). Unfortunately, all of the
> constituency proposals accepted by the Board to date have disallowed
> participation by individual domain name holders.
> All of these recognitions are provisional though. ICANN could rectify
> this by forcing all contituencies to open up their membership to
> individual domain name holders in order to receive formal, permanent
> recognition. Short of that though, the only way for ICANN to give life to
> the statement quoted above from the Singapore compromise is to recognize
> the IDNO at the Santiago meeting. I hope it does one of the these two
> things.

  Don't hold your breath...


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