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Re: [ga] What did Magaziner envision as the source of ICANN funding?

Mr. Schwimmer and Everyone,

  I must say, that this ICANN Initial or Interim board, I am not sure which,
are quite liberal spenders....  I would suppose that if it is not your funds
at risk, it is a bit easier to be so....

Martin B. Schwimmer wrote:

> http://www.internetnews.com/bus-news/article/0,1087,3_186621,00.html
> ICANN Gets Financial Boost  August 20, 1999
> By Elizabeth Clampet
> InternetNews.com Assistant Editor  Business News Archives
> The Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers is fighting a large debt
> and reportedly has called on a few big name companies to defray some of its
> costs.
> The domain name group will announce at next week's meeting in Santiago,
> Chile that it has secured enough funds, reportedly from MCI Worldcom and
> IBM, to keep from going broke, according to MSNBC. The value of the loan is
> approximately $1 million.
> ICANN has been plagued with financial troubles since its inception. The
> non-profit organization is overseen by the Department of Commerce, yet
> relies primarily on private donations. Testifying before the House Commerce
> Committee on July 22nd, Mike Roberts, ICANN's interim president and CEO,
> said that ICANN was $800,000 in debt.
> see url for full article
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