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Re: [IFWP] Re[2]: [IDNO-DISCUSS] icann.edleman.19990819 / Access to ICANN Santiago real video feed (fwd)

William and all,

William X. Walsh wrote:

> Sunday, August 22, 1999, 7:16:31 AM, Jeff Williams <jwkckid1@ix.netcom.com> wrote:
> > William and all,
> >   the problem here William is that the Berkman center and the ICANN
> > (Initial?) Interim board, as you know, has not necessarily conducted
> > themselves adequately or within the confines of the law with respect
> > to Privacy issues, not to mention other matters.
> Proof please, including specific references to the laws you allege
> they have violated.

  The 1996 Telecommunications act, the Privacy act, the Credit Privacy act
for starters...

> Otherwise you are making false statements that may be actionable, and
> could be used to pierce your thin veil of anonymity which you are
> fighting so hard to maintain.

  Anytime you or anyone want to give it a whirl, please feel free to do so...
I will stand by any and all of my statements in open court!

> Put up or go away and troll somewhere else.

This a good suggestion for you William, take your own advise...

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