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Network Solutions' Mononpoly Position.

To Whom it Concerns,
As time wears on, I see an ever increasing problem with Network
Solutions handling of domain name registration.  I am a small ISP.  I
think it highly abusive of NSI to be able to solicit registrant's web
page business.  ANY charter for a registrar should prohibit the ability
to solicit business such as web hosting "dot.com" email , "dot.com" biz
card, etc.  How dare they !!!  Just because they are capable of doing
it, does not mean they should.

Any registrar should be allowed to provide a registration service only.
I understand that maintenance of root domain name servers is costly and
necessary, however, they must be limited to earning their dollars from
registrations only.  I am certain that as soon as additional registrars
are activated, the price to register a domain name of any type will go
up anyhow.

Once "competition" is introduced to the marketplace, you can be sure
that there will be inherent price fixing occurring.  It is in the nature
of business to charge as much as the market will sustain.  Once one
registrar sees that others are willing to pay more, they too will
increase their pricing.

We will be paying more per registration, the registrars will be abusing
their positions (in my opinion) by offering host services to its new
registrants.  I also have no doubt that registrars will sell information
they get to anyone for a price.  New registrants will be bombarded with
solicitations of all manner.  If we are going to pay more for a
registration, must we as smaller (and not so small) ISP's be subjected
to a registrar's having first crack at the customer?  Will that
registrar not only offer their ISP type services, but also give monetary
incentive for that registrant to utilize their services ?  How can we
compete ?   If registrars are allowed to continue offering these
services, what will happen to the ISP ?

Sincerely Yours,

George E. Newman
Managing Member

Third Millennium
M a r k e t i n g, LLC 

W HARTFORD CT 06107-3033