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Re: [IFWP] ANNOUNCE: ICANN-Santiago Remote Participation

Ben and all,

  No excuses here that are valid Ben.  ICANN had plenty of time to
make necessary arrangements, and should have had an advance
team in SIngapore at least two weeks before that conference
and made adjustments in advance.  They did not, hence they showed
their level of incompetence...   The peter principal again...

Ben Edelman wrote:

> Mark asked:
> (after I pointed out the value of having comments in writing)
> > Yes, but aren't these screens going to be positioned so that they are
> > facing the audience, and in effect, obscured from view by the BoD, or
> > whatever body is running the meeting?  It's important to remember that
> > while comments made in these sessions are to a certain extent addressed
> > to the entire room, they are directed at the persons sitting in the
> > front of the room, facing the audience.
> >
> > The benefit of display is lost on those people, because they have their
> > backs to the screen.  They don't have the luxury of sitting and reading
> > silently while the messages are summariezed to them.  This is a pity,
> > because they are the ones who must address the issues raised, and
> > interpretation as well as presentation are part and parcel of that
> > communicative effort.
> Nope.  We agree that it's very important that the board members easily be
> able to see the screens, and we have acquired equipment to do so.  Namely,
> we've got SVGA/XGA distribution boxes, cabling, and additional monitors
> placed in front of the board.  To see what I mean, check out the pictures in
> the Berlin archive at <http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/icann/berlin/archive>,
> in particular pictures like
> <http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/people/edelman/mmarchive/ICANN_Berlin/Meeting/
> Board%5F5%2Ejpg>.  (There may be better pictures than this one; I'm on slow
> 'net and can't try many big .jpg's at the moment.)  Thanks to the additional
> equipment, the board members most certainly can see the content on the
> projectors.
> (I note that we had a comparable, though slightly less refined, setup in
> Cambridge in November, though unfortunately sufficient monitors weren't
> readily available in Singapore so we couldn't use this setup at that
> meeting.)
> Ben Edelman


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