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Re: [IFWP] Latest on the Australian censorship

Tony and all,

  Very good point or observation Tony.  And one that is likely missed
by many in these discussions.  Though I believe that Michael Sondow
has a good handle on it.

  It might also be a consideration that the ICANN's GAC intent to use
influence to promulgate their policies and than just have the ICANN
(INitial? INterim Board parrot them back to the ICANN membership
(Whenever it gets formed) as well as the DNSO so they can then justify
their decision.  This was a hint that Esther gave a few days ago on her
comments regarding the GAC itself....

A.M. Rutkowski wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> The more interesting issue and question is whether Twomey
> will act as a global cats paw for the sponsoring minister
> behind all this - who is also Twomey's mentor and sponsor.
> The GAC's purpose is to make findings on the legal obligations
> of ICANN - which is effectively obligated to honor those findings.
> One wonders how long it will take GAC to recommend that all DNS
> registrants be subject to a requirement to honor a law such
> as the Aussie's have adopted as condition of registering a
> domain name.  Since the GAC's membership is drawn from the
> more rigid, controlling ministries and agencies in every country,
> they can do a lot in their secret meetings, and just promulgate
> it.
> --tony


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