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Re: [IFWP] GAC Communique - A political BS statement...

Kerry and all,

  I hope that no one really believes this tripe!

Kerry Miller wrote:

> http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/icann/santiago/archive/GAC-
> Comminuque-mtg3.html
> [EMPHASIS added]
> Governmental Advisory Committee - DRAFT Communique
>      TUESDAY, 24 AUGUST 1999 - The Governmental
>      Advisory Committee of the Internet Corporation for
>      Assigned Names and Numbers held its third meeting today.
>      The attending Committee members, representing over 30
>      national governments, distinct economies as recognised in
>      international fora, and MULTINATIONAL GOVERNMENTAL AND
>      TREATY ORGANISATIONS, issued the following statement:
>      The Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) has had
>      fruitful discussions around substantive issues relating to
>      the usage of the Internet across the worldwide community
>      and the administration of the country code top level
>      domains. The GAC initiated a positive and constructive
>      process for addressing these and other significant Internet
>      policy issues, and as a consequence makes the following
>      recommendations to the ICANN Board:
>       A.With regard to ICANNís Proposed Interim Policy for
>           Geographic Diversity on the ICANN Board of
>           Directors:
>           The GAC supports the underlying principles of
>           geographic diversity and international representation in
>           the context of ICANN. The GAC believes that these
>           principles are best implemented using the criterion of
>           CITIZENSHIP as specified in the By-laws of ICANN, to
>           determine the eligibility of DIRECTORS of the board of
>           ICANN and of participants in the Councils of the
>           Supporting Organizations. In addition, taking into
>           consideration the practicality of determining the
>           electorate, the GAC supports the use of RESIDENCY as
>           the criterion for determining the eligibility of the
>           ELECTORATE.
>       B.With regard to principles for the delegation of
>           management for country code top level domains:
>                     1. The Committee reaffirmed its May
>                     resolution that the Internet naming system is a
>                     public resource and that the management of a
>                     TLD Registry must be in the public interest.
>                     2. Accordingly, the GAC considers that no
>                     private intellectual or other property rights
>                     inhere to the TLD itself nor accrue to the
>                     delegated manager of the TLD as the result of
>                     such delegation.
>                     3.THE GAC ALSO REAFFIRMED THAT THE
>                     OR GOVERNMENT.  The GAC discussed
>                     the development of best practices for the
>                     administration of ccTLDs and agreed to
>                     continue this discussion.
>      The next face-to-face meeting of the GAC will be held on 2
>      November 1999 in Los Angeles, to coincide with ICANNís
>      next round of meetings.
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