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Re: [IFWP] GAC throws press, Nader rep out of meeting, nationalizes Internet identifiers

Gordon and all,

Gordon Cook wrote:

note that jerri Claussing refers to icann in the haedline as
"internet's Governing Body"  the lady has that right..... wonder how
that will go down the throats of the icann apologists?


  The biggest LIE in this article is that statement by Jonathan Cohan.
Exercpt: "If [people] don't want to go to court over a domain name, they
     can start the process online and get rapid dispute resolution at
     a fraction of the cost," explained attorney Jonathan Cohen, who
     cochaired the ICANN working group. "WIPO did a ten-month
     process--we're not supposed to open up a whole new can of
     worms here."
  Fraction of the cost my ass!  Anybody that has been through any kind of
mediation or arbitration knows that this is totally false statement.
>In addition, the GAC apparently formalized their declaration
>that the Internet Name and Address System is a public asset
>(in international law, public equates to government) and that
>that so-called ccTLDs were the sovereign assets of the associated
>For an overview on GAC developments in the current Com Week Int'l
>magazine, see

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