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[Fwd: [IFWP] Re: [bwg-n-friends] Can we really afford ICANN ?]

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Diane Cabell wrote:

>Perhaps I misunderstand you Ellen.  It's up on the Berkman site because we do
>not have access to the ICANN web site to put it there.  Someone at ICANN will
>have to take the copy and move it over, or post one from other sources.  I'm
>sorry that the location of this document doesn't meet with your approval, but
>it's the best we can do immediately.

Yes, Diane, you misunderstood me.  This is NOT a criticism of Berkman. If
Berkman had not risen to the task, we wouldn't even get to see the
 It is absolutely up to ICANN to post these and ridiculous that it has not
done so.

My other point is that ICANN says it has limited staff, limited funds and
limited time.  All three of those things would be *less* limited if ICANN
would *focus* on the right stuff.  Financials, membership structure,
processes a la WGD--not the other substantive and controversial matters
that require a fully constituted Names Council, DNSO and an elected ICANN


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