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RE: Press Scrutiny


So here's the scenario: Two reporters who are covering the ICANN/NSI story
both sit down in the hotel bar in Berlin.

  Reporter 1: Hey, I got another e-mail from Jay Fenello today.  What's with
this guy, anyway?
  Reporter 2: He sure likes to send e-mail, eh?  Did you know that Network
Solutions has him on their payroll?

AHA!  A smoking gun!  Jay Fenello is the topic of conversation between two
nationally-distributed publications!  Very curious indeed!  Unquestionably,
these publications are coordinating their editorial coverage!  Round up the
usual suspects!

To the many recipients on Jay's list: I hope you are giving him all the
attention he deserves...

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At 08:22 AM 9/7/99 , Dan Goodin wrote:
>Mr. Fenello,
>For the record, no one at News.com has *ever* admitted to coordinating our
>coverage with anyone.  News.com believes it has provided balanced,
>hard-hitting coverage and analysis of DNS controversies.
>At 08:27 PM 9/6/99 -0400, Jay Fenello wrote:
>>First, I revealed some exchanges that I had with a 
>>reporter at News.com who admitted that the press was 
>>coordinating their coverage, and how they were biasing 
>>their stories to make them favorable to ICANN.
>            Dan Goodin        <>        Reporter       <>      CNET
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Hi Dan,

Here's the relevant exchange:

At 11:37 AM 7/10/99 -0400, Jay Fenello wrote:
>At 04:37 PM 7/9/99 , Dan Goodin wrote:
>>Furthermore, Joe never emails me with opinions on the
>>matter.  In contrast, I know of at least a half dozen reporters covering
>>the NSI/ICANN debate who were not aware you were a paid consultant, and
>>they receive lots of opinionated emails from you on the issue.  
>What reporters are you referring to?

At 01:22 PM 7/11/99 , Dan Goodin wrote:
>At 11:37 AM 7/10/99 -0400, Jay Fenello wrote:
>>What reporters are you referring to?
>Courtney Macavinta, Beth Lipton, and reporters at other
>nationionally-distributed publications whom I do not have permission to

At 04:36 PM 7/11/99 -0400, Jay Fenello wrote:
>At 01:22 PM 7/11/99 , Dan Goodin wrote:
>>Courtney Macavinta, Beth Lipton, and reporters at other
>>nationionally-distributed publications whom I do not have permission to
>Why am *I* a topic of discussion between
>nationally-distributed publications?
>Seems very curious to me!
>FWIW, it has long been observed and rumored
>that some coordination of positions is in 
>effect at some of the larger news outlets.  
>Thanks for confirming these suspicions.

Frankly, your comments are just the smoking
gun.  The carcass in the driveway is News.com's
(and the rest of the media's) refusal to print 
the "untold" story about ICANN.

In closing . . .

I find it ironic that the more noise I make 
about the blackout, the more you try and 
justify your silence! 

If News.com were sincere, however, you would 
simply publish "the other perspectives."  But 
alas, when all is said and done, your coverage 
has not changed.  


Jay Fenello
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