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Re: [IFWP] Iperdome Latest Casualty in Domain Name Wars

Jay, you fought a good honorable fight. It's a crying shame that a 
viable business with good intentions was pushed aside by ICANN, NSOL, 
IAHC, etc.

Good luck out there. It's a shame that the Internet has been captured.

We must route around the damage.


At 9:54 AM -0400 9/24/99, Jay Fenello wrote:
>CONTACT:  Jay Fenello, 770-392-9480
>    ATLANTA, September 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Iperdome, Inc., the company offering
>Personal Domain Name services under the .per(sm) brand and Top Level Domain
>(TLD), today announced that it has suspended operations, becoming 
>the latest casualty in the Domain Name Wars.
>    Iperdome has been one of the oldest surviving and most active 
>prospective registries.  It was formed in January, 1997, was a 
>founding member of the Enhanced Domain Name System (eDNS), and has 
>been an active participant in the ongoing debate over Internet 
>Governance and the establishment of ICANN.
>    "Iperdome has participated in good faith in the U.S. 
>Government's efforts to privatize the administration of Internet 
>resources" said Jay Fenello, President of Iperdome.  "In recent 
>months, it has become apparent that these efforts were to no avail, 
>as the process has been captured, and is unlikely to fairly resolve 
>outstanding issues of new Top Level Domains."
>    Mr. Fenello expressed his sincere thanks (and apologies) to the 
>many thousand of clients who have supported Iperdome throughout this 
>process, and to the private investors who have shown continued 
>support for his leadership.  Jay will be leaving his role as company 
>president to return to private consulting.