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Problems with Corenic

Last month I registered a domain name with web2010, sexloveandmarriage.com, for the purpose of running an male oriented on-line survey about sex, love and marriage.  Using your services was recommended by a friend (uslawbooks.com), and I had fully expected to use web2010 for hosting as well.  The site was registered using Corenic.
After setting up the hosting account, I learned that the one single topless photo of a girl that was to appear on my front page would violate your "acceptable use" policy.  I discussed this absurd political correctness with your sales person and immediately terminated my hosting agreement.  This cost me $30 dollars in parking fees to web2010 which would have been waived if I remained a customer.  I maintain this is unfair, and that I should receive a refund to the $30 dollars in fees.  I should have been informed of your restrictive policy BEFORE registering this domain.
Nevertheless, I went to another hosting service and for a full week waited for them to move the domain.  After failing to receive any form of response to my phone calls, fax's, and e-mails, I cancelled that service and moved to another provider, which cost me additional fees.
This new provider, interscot.net, has been extremely helpful in every respect.  My problem, however, is the inability to move my domain from its parked position at web2010, to interscot.net.  For the past 2 weeks, I have made repeated calls and sent multiple e-mails to your technical service department.  Web2010 has all the information necessary to make this change from interscot.net and believes it is a problem with Corenic.  I have contacted Corenic directly hoping to be able to make the change through them - with no reply after multiple e-mail requests.  This domain, which is identified as registered in my name through Corenic, does not show up under Internic WHOIS - which also concerns me that it is registered properly. 
Eddie Howell has been very helpful in explaining that web2010 is doing their best - yet NOTHING has been done.  On my last call, I am told that the one and only individual capable to making this transfer is currently at the hospital waiting for his wife to give birth.  Prior to that excuse, there was no acceptable answer why such a simple change in domain address could not be completed.
Right now, I cannot proceed any further with this web site project until this domain is changed.  Web 2010 is preventing my progress, and is costing me money in other areas. 
Assuming that this request may end up as futile as the rest, I am forwarding it also to Corenic and ICANN, and will proceed further after that.
I would appreciate your immediate attention to this problem and a quick resolve. 
Thank you,
Bill Duncan