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ticked off in California

What follows is from a letter that I am writing to register.com as well but I thought it appropriate to send you guys as well since you think you are the gatekeepers of the internet. NOT!!!!
You claim that the only acceptable form of payment to register a domain
 name is by credit card. What if I don't have a credit card like some
 70% of the people in the world? Does that mean I can't register my
 domain name? Or what if I just don't feel safe transferring that info
 over the net? And why do I have to purchase 2 yrs of registration?
Then the cost to register a name is not really the advertised price of
$35/yr it's $70 plain and simple! Then you have to go and re-register
the name again for a fee when the whole idea of the internet to begin
with was supposed to be free and unlimited access to it. I only see big
brother getting his hands into things more and more and trying to
 control every aspect of our lives! Why is it that you don't offer any
 other form of payment other than by online credit card and then tell
 me the only acceptable form of payment according to "industry standards"
 is by credit card? That's rediculous! If this is what the internet is
 comming to then I want no part of it! Places of business in the real
world accept any form of payment whether it be cash, check, or credit
card!! Also please explain to me if the registry of a name is all
 supposed to be not for profit then why do we have to re-register our
 names again after 2 yrs? Do you mean to tell me that all of a sudden
that the name I registered with suddenly disappeared and I have to
register it again so it can keep existing? I only see the assholes in
 the government and other's who want to think of themselves as some
sort of gods to business and the internet as trying to take over our
lives a little at a time hoping we won't notice (the poor ignorant
insignificant soles that we are) and taking away our rights as
citizens and human beings. How dare you try to tell me the only
acceptable form of payment is by credit card!? How about if I do as a
friend and I talked about and start our own name registration and offer
 it for free!? Then turn around and sell advertising space to our site
 because it would soon be one of the most traveled websites in the world!!
 It would sure put a silence to all the idiots that think they have to
 make all these silly rules, and make the internet free once again and
get the reins out of the power hungry hands of Big Brother and those that
 are in bed with him.
The internet as we know it is fast becomming a thing of the past as
those in control make it more and more difficult for the average everyday
 "Joe" to ba able to access the net and conduct any kind of business.
 It's becomming a net for the "haves" and the "have nots" can do without.
 If I were to go through with my plan to register names for free it would
either put you and the others out of business or follow our lead and do
 business the right way as far as the internet is concerned. Put the
 internet back in the hands of the people that made it "us" not you
and the rest of the world make up the internet and a few organizations
 and individuals think they have the "duty" and the "right" to try to
 control the content of the www. I say it's none of their damn business
 and if they want to control something go home and control their own
families and homes and leave the internet alone to thrive on it's own!!!
 Don't try to tell me that the internet is free when you charge to
have your name on it and then in the same breath tell me that you're
 no-profit or not for profit. That's a bunch of BULL!! I'm on the
 internet to keep informed, have a business and entertainment.
 I only see more and more that some individuals are trying to control
 what, when, where and how I see content on the web and thus
controlling what I can post to the web and thus limiting what kind of
 income I can have. If you or any of these other "moral push the
shit down your throat" people are so worried about what is on the
net and want to so protect your kids then pay attention to what your
 kids are doing and don't expect the rest of the world to do it for
 you or try to limit what is posted to the web. And don't try to charge
 us for what you call "free access" and thinkm that "we" the people of
 the world in general are too stupid to figure what is going on here!!!
 To think that this whole letter started just because you people are
too myopic and try to tell me that we can't have a domain name unless
 we have a credit card!! Well I tell you the truth when I say that a
friend and I are seriously studying and working on starting our own
domain name registration and offering it for free. I suggest that if
 you want to stay in business that you start giving people other forms
 of payment and find alternate forms of income because if we decide to
take off with our own name registration it will put a HUGE dent in the
 pocket books of those that think they need to control the internet and
also make you change the way you think about doing business on the net.
Sincerely and most assuredly ticked off Bobby - ASA Enterprises