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Re: [names] New gTLDs

I am new to the discussion, however I feel compelled to say something.
While the process of handling new gTLDs is being ironed out, there are
registrars out there that are still operating stating that they are
accepting registrations for domains with the new TLD's.  Whether or not
these registrars will be given the power to do so in the end is still
undecided.  Therefore it irks me that they are allowed to sell their
services for a phantom domain name at $15 dollars a pop.  How sure can we be
whether or not a given registrar will be given the rights to register
domains under a given TLD?  I know there are guidlines as to who can apply
to be a registrar, but will there be any criteria as to which registrars
will be given which TLDs(when and if there are any)?  I know has not been
decided however I would like to hear the latest proposals or any ideas on
the matter.
Thank You,
Mike McCarey