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SimplifiedDomains is Good Competition

There’s nothing like a little competition to keep vendors in line!

So, ICANN, why not mitigate the NSI frustrations, AND give the Internet public
some refreshing options, AND thereby encourage NSI responsiveness…by evaluating and then adopting a competing, yet compatible  Domain Naming system!   

SimplifiedDomains (www.simplifieddomains.com) is just that!   SD offers all the above,
and incorporates an international solution--there are no specific extensions involved!

This is not a fly-by-night idea!  Developed and patented by rmi.net, a national ISP, this domain
system was featured as the cover story in a recent issue of Boardwatch magazine.  Read about SD's functionality at the web site mentioned above!

ICANN, please have your Domain Support Organization (DNSO) give SimplifiedDomains
a fair evaluation, and see if it's not an inspiring addition to our new internet world!

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